IsaBody-780x780-Before-After-Jude HealeyA major part of completing your IsaBody Challenge  is submitting a written essay – in fact, it counts for 50% of your score! We know you’re working hard on your transformation so we’ve invited IsaBody Challenge 2014 Weight Loss Finalist Jude H. to join us on the next IsaBody conference call this Monday 13 April, 2015 at 1:00pm (Sydney time) to share some tips on how you can easily create your winning essay.

We’ve collected some top tips in this easy-to-use guide on writing your Winning Essay, including a few sentences to get you started on your 250-500 word essay. One great idea is to keep a diary over your 16 week Challenge to help jog your memory when it comes to essay writing time!

Check out this handy Goal Sheet to help you plan your Challenge. This will help you set the tone for your journey and it’s a great reference when it comes time to write your essay.

What’s expected in your essay?

The essay must be 250-500 words and must describe how your transformation using Isagenix has improved and impacted your life. The essay is required to be submitted no more than one week after your Challenge end date.

Topics for the essay discussion may include but are not limited to:

  • Why you entered the Challenge
  • How Isagenix® products benefited you
  • How Isagenix has helped you reach your goals
  • How you will motivate others to achieve success through the use of the Isagenix products.

Essay must include:

  • Participant name
  • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ weight (‘before’ weight must be from your start date)
  • Height
  • Any other supporting materials (body fat analyses, medical reports, etc.) to enhance credibility.

Note: The essay becomes the sole property of Isagenix to be used in any manner deemed appropriate.

‘Before’ weight is your weight, as entered on the IsaBody Challenge Registration Form, on the day you entered the IsaBody Challenge.

Log on to your Back Office to start your IsaBody Challenge here or check your completion date. Once you’ve completed the ANZ IsaBody Challenge and submitted your essay and ‘after’ photos, you’ll receive a Completion Gift with a certificate, an exclusive IsaBody Challenge t-shirt, IsaBody pin and Product Coupon (loaded to your Back Office), as well as be in the running to win your chosen category and finally, the Grand Prize!

For more information, visit the IsaBody Challenge website and check here for important dates in the IsaBody Challenge!