Taking part in the IsaBody Challenge® is an accomplishment in itself. Completing the Challenge is a whole new level of success!

We’re bringing you monthly IsaBody Challenge Calls where you can dial in and hear from our 2015 IsaBody Challenge finalists, to provide support, motivation and guidance – essential for those who want to #StartCompleteRepeat their health and wellness goals!


On this week’s IsaBody Challenge Call, we’ll be hearing from Grand Prize Winner Damien F.

While Damien will be answering questions about what it means to Complete the IsaBody Challenge, he’ll also cover his very own #StartCompleteRepeat philosophy and his vision for the future.

Don’t forget: Round 3 of the Challenge kicks off 12 May 2016 and Damien will also be taking part, repeating his Challenge like a number of other IsaBody Challenge Finalists!

Join us at 1:00pm Thursday 12 May 2016 (Sydney time).

720px IsaBody Conference Call 2016