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To say that Dawn S. has led a colourful life would be an understatement. Through the many ups and downs that life has thrown at her, Dawn is now living as the best version of herself at the age of 70.

Dawn was introduced to Isagenix® by her friends Barry G. and George B. and signed up as soon as Isagenix opened in the ANZ market, making Dawn one of the pioneers in our market.

When the opportunity was introduced to Dawn, she admits she was not interested. “I have been involved in network marketing since I was 26 years old,” says Dawn. “When I was first introduced to Isagenix I was working in real estate and felt that I was done with network marketing. I signed up to make my friends happy to be honest and I had every intention of returning the products.”

Dawn’s husband at the time began to use the products and she witnessed his amazing transformation within the first 30 days. It was at this point that Dawn began to use the products religiously and was happy to witness a great increase in her energy and the release of excess weight. “At this time, I had moved to Queensland with my then-husband to work on his business,” recalls Dawn. “We were financially stable so he suggested I retire. It was at this point that I began organically sharing the products with others and building my Isagenix Business. I treated it as a hobby though; I had no idea the impact it’d have on my life shortly after.”

In 2008, the Global Financial Crisis severely affected Dawn’s husband’s business and the two were left penniless. In an attempt to help the business, Dawn sacrificed her entire Superannuation fund and unfortunately lost that too.  “My marriage collapsed, I returned to Sydney with very little to my name and, at 62 years of age, had to decide what I was going to do,” explains Dawn. “I knew I had been in Network Marketing for a reason so I made the decision then and there to keep my head up and continue sharing the products that had changed my life. It’s never too late to turn your life around.”

Personal development is a continual process for Dawn, emphasising that it is an integral part of healthy ageing. “I have been married twice and with both husbands I supported them with their dreams and left mine on hold,” admits Dawn. “I lacked confidence and always stayed in the background as I did not feel worthy enough. Isagenix forced me to step up and develop. I needed to become a leader to help inspire others, so that’s what I did. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how well I lead my team.”

“As elders, we have invaluable life experience that others can benefit from. Everything I have gone through in my life has led me here and every day I’m impacting lives, helping others discover health and wealth. Thanks to Isagenix, I am fit, fabulous and financially free and I don’t believe there should be an age limit on that.”

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