We’re having our most successful year ever and so many of you are enjoying the rewards of sharing Isagenix with the people you care about.

March was an incredible month for many of our Associates. Here’s what our newest 1 Star, 2 Star and 4 Star Golden Circles had to say about how Isagenix is changing their lives…

EPA23908“What’s so exciting for us is that we’ve had 2 members of our team reach 1 Star Golden Circle and two members of our team reach two Star Golden Circle. Everyone is having fun together and earning an amazing income. We’re focused on making a difference and with Isagenix we can have an impact on people’s health. Not only that but we can help people change their wealth perspective and change their lives! For us it’s all about the bigger picture.” Jen and Jono P., 1 Star Crystal Executive, 4 Star Golden Circle

100px-Scott-Leanne-Wood“Reaching 2 Star Golden Circle in seven months shows us that we are quickly getting closer to achieving our goals of us both working from home and designing our life around our family, whilst doing something we are both very passionate about… that’s very exciting! It’s also a great indication of the people’s lives we are impacting, both in their health and finances, and this is the most rewarding part of the whole journey. Being part of this amazing company has given great purpose to our lives and is helping our dreams to come true. Thank you Isagenix and thank you to our wonderful team of inspiring leaders.” Scott & Leanne W., Crystal Executive, 2 Star Golden Circle

Amy & Chris Norbury“To get to 1 Star Golden Circle is really exciting! We have had some success through connecting with people from our past on Facebook. There are people who we’ve known a long time who have never heard about Isagenix, the relationships are already there, you just need to reconnect with people. People will sign up if they know you, like you and trust you so we’ve found that really works for us. 2 Star Golden Circle is just around the corner!”  Amy and Chris N., Crystal Executive, 1 Star Golden Circle

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