1200 Tami and Kerri Millionaire

Congratulations to our newest Isagenix Millionaires! No 174 globally and 17 in Australia and New Zealand.

To say the mother and daughter duo, Kerie and Tami S. were disappointed with their lives four years ago would be an understatement. Mum Kerie, aged in her late 50s, tried to fulfill her role as a Specialist Nurse but she couldn’t cope with constantly feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. “Working long hours, treating my broad base of patients required an extremely high level of competency due to the nature of the job,” Kerie says. “I was struggling.”

Daughter Tami’s life wasn’t any easier. “I was a tired, stressed, overweight and extremely broke mother of three,” Tami recalls. Besides feeling like she had lost her mind, body and soul, she was living a daily battle of watching bills pile up. Tami struggled to pay for medical expenses to help her unwell son. Not only unhappy with ongoing financial strain, Tami also had enough of what she saw in the mirror. “I knew there was more to life but I just didn’t know how to make things better.”

Unsure of the Solution
While the struggle was real, Tami and Kerie, 8 Star Platinum, 2 Star Executives were uncertain about what exactly they could do to help improve their lives. It was at this time that Tami’s Aunty, Nicole B, 8 Star Platinum, 1 Star Executive, introduced them both to Isagenix®. “I honestly thought she’d lost her mind,” says Tami. Having tried every ‘Shake Diet’ under the sun with no long term success, Tami feared the Network Marking business model of Isagenix would tarnish her family. “I went out of my way to sabotage my results so Nicole could see that it didn’t work!” Tami says.

Kerie’s initial reaction proved worse than Tami’s. “Without hesitation I immediately said NO! I didn’t even want to think about it,” says Kerie. Feeling too overwhelmed with life to even consider something new, Kerie remained closed-minded and against the idea of taking part in a ‘Shake program’ that was connected to Network Marketing.

The Turning Point
Gaining excessive weight during her three pregnancies, Tami knew she had a lot of extra kilos to confront. Although denying it, using the products, Tami was seeing her body change. Encouraged to take part in the IsaBody Challenge®, she still felt extremely overweight but eager to take home the Grand Prize of $10,000- Tami wanted to win. Feeling inspired, Tami dragged her mother Kerie ‘kicking and screaming’ to their first event. It was this initial event that created an ultimate turning point in both of their lives.

“Isagenix dedicates 45 full-time scientists to solely focus on testing and producing no-compromise products,” shares Kerie. “This is what I became interested in. I realised there was science behind the nutrition!”

Half way into her IsaBody Challenge, Tami’s whole vision changed dramatically. “It became so much more than just losing the weight and winning the money- I was starting to show other women how to love the skin they’re in!” she says. Encouraging so many others to take charge of their mind, body and soul, Tami became passionate about enabling women to develop into the best versions of themselves. It was during this process that Tami herself started to feel fabulous and took control of her life through using the Isagenix system.

In addition to Tami’s inspiring change in lifestyle, Kerie too reminisces looking back after only one year of using the products and feeling like a new woman. “I found a level of wellness and harmony within my body that I didn’t even have in my 40s,” Kerie shares. While feeling like Isagenix had given her life back, Kerie also felt ignited to help others share in this wonderful experience. “It may sound strange, but I was delighted to have been wrong about the products and Isagenix as a business!”

The Only Way is Up
As most Isagenix Millionaires* would agree, Tami and Kerie believe it’s important to remind everyone that Isagenix is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. “It’s about commitment, honest compassion, empathy and willpower,” says Tami. “Anything is possible in life if you want it bad enough.”

“Knowing we have reached this milestone is such a surreal feeling,” both Tami and Kerie share. Back in the beginning, the idea of accumulating $1 million felt like high odds with little chance.” Yet four years on and continually dedicating hard work, determination, a heart of service and never giving up on their Isagenix business, Tami and Kerie’s journey has brought them to an entirely new place in life. “Just never let go of your goals,” says Tami.**

Clear about their intentions, the self-assured mother and daughter know they will stay with Isagenix for the rest of their lives. “‘Teamwork is dream work’- this is the motto we live by,” says Kerie. “Our lives have changed dramatically and we just want this to happen for everyone else.”

“Create a vision board- have small, achievable goals and celebrate every single one that you accomplish,” Kerie says. Most importantly, Tami highlights how essential it is to attend Isagenix events. “Everyone should plugin, learn, support and mingle with happy and healthy like-minded people. It’s the best thing you can do for your business,” she says.

A Life of Gratitude
Being mothers themselves, Tami and Kerie know how hard the struggle can be and this has been one of their biggest teachings in life. “We are so grateful and passionate about helping other mums who are just like we once were- in need of support,” they say. For both of them, donating now happens without thinking. “Isagenix has given us the ability to help not only our team members but also free others from financial pain,” Tami says. “And that truly is the meaning of life. To be able to give back and help each other.”

One memory that stands out for the two is being able to help a mother fly to Canada so her unwell daughter could receive the medical treatment required for the rare condition that she was suffering. “We love contributing to charities and helping other mothers who have specific challenges in their family,” says Kerie.

With these inspiring thoughts in place, it’s no surprise Tami and Kerie plan to further grow themselves and their Isagenix business and achieve the goal in their lives to help as many people as they can. When the driving force of passion and possibility joins with mother and daughter, it just proves how life changing the Isagenix business can be.

*Isagenix Millionaires are defined as Isagenix Associates who have cumulatively earned $1 million or more with Isagenix.

**Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at IsagenixEarnings.com.