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For 31-year-old Abbie C., her emotional battle started long ago when a boy she liked at high school yelled across the playground, “You’re fat!”

“I found myself in a constant struggle against low self-esteem and as time progressed I ended up in a very unhappy relationship – I felt like my body held no value,” she says. “These issues grew worse when a severe car accident followed, leaving me unable to lift anything over the size of 15kg.”

A Sign of Courage
Abbie’s knockbacks weren’t easy to manage while also being a mother to four beautiful children. With a glimpse of hope, Abbie began Isagenix to feel proud of her body because she knew she wanted more out of life.

“I signed up to the IsaBody Challenge® and set myself two main goals,” Abbie says. “My life began to improve upon using the Isagenix system so I aimed to get down to 15% body fat and gain lean muscle in the 16 week Challenge.”


Like many who commit to the Challenge, Abbie first found it tougher than expected. “I almost quit; several times,” she says. “I wasn’t familiar with eating to provide my body with the right nutrition – I was only ever used to comfort eating.” Nevertheless Abbie didn’t give up but instead made an affirmation to herself that she would remain disciplined and envision the end goal rather than giving in to temptation.

Training Hard and Making Sacrifices
“I could have quit. I’m a mother to four kids, my job role is intense and I was still in the process of facing the fact that I had residual whiplash,” Abbie explains. “But I didn’t – instead I kept repeating ‘IsaBody Challenge Winner’ to myself and continued to participate in weight training as much as possible!”

With this declaration in mind, Abbie embraced her Challenge and started to achieve huge, positive results. “I went from 22.2% body fat and 25kg of muscle to 15% body fat and 26.5kg of muscle!” Abbie says. “I felt unstoppable and discovered a newfound awareness of what my body was capable of.”

No Looking Back
From feeling vulnerable to a sentiment of strength, Abbie recollects the day her IsaBody Challenge ‘after’ photos were taken as “the best day of my life” she says. “The focus was on me, my body, my achievements and strength which made me feel so beautiful, confident and elated!”ABBIE FAMILY

Abbie transformed her body and life, but what truly set in stone was something many wish they could personally own. “Experiencing these moments of definitive beauty meant more to me than anything – I had created a work of art from something that once felt damaged and neglected,” she states. “I want to inspire others to join the IsaBody Challenge because with the right nutrition, training, support and mindset, anything is possible!”

Need a motivational boost to support your current IsaBody Challenge? Round 3 Finalist 2015, Abbie C. will be joining the IsaBody Challenge Conference Call on Thursday 9 June at 1:00pm (Sydney time).

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