Our Associates are earning more and more each month with the incredible bonuses up for grabs with the Executive Leadership Bonus Pool.

Here’s what our November winners had to say about pocketing the extra cash…

Heidi Macallan“The Bonus Pool money is actually a huge surprise! It means we can now buy uniform and shoes for a boys orphanage in Sri Lanka. My husband is adopted so this is so important to us, the gift of giving. The extra cash also means I can get four new tyres for my car and not worry about where the money is going to come from!” Heidi MacAllan, 4 Star Golden Circle – 1 Star Executive


“Thank you Isagenix! This extra $2,650 will help towards buying Christmas
100x100-Paul-Suzannepresents for our children and grandchildren. Plus I’m sure we’ll be celebrating with some fine dining, shows and other things we love to do!” Paul McAneny & Suzanne Skillen, 8 Star Platinum Circle – 3 Star Executive