Most of us are still rubbing our eyes from the amazing IsaBody transformations seen on stage at Celebration! Looking fit and fabulous our Weight Loss, Energy and Performance and Healthy Ageing participants had sensational results and left the Celebration crowd in awe of their new found confidence and amazing appearance.

We congratulate our top ten finalists Andrew Lowe, Sue Kendall, Karl Hammant, Katie Tassone-Milligan, Colin Bruckner, Greg Roche, Tim Smith, Odette Kaggelis, Catherine Keely and Tami Shervey once again!


Earning some serious cash and prizes, our 2013 IsaBody category and grand prize winners were also announced. Taken by surprise, here is what they had to say about their IsaBody achievements….

300px-Tami-SherveyTami Shervey – 2013 IsaBody Grand Prize Winner
“Being named the winner of the IsaBody Challenge 2013 is my dream come true! My focus was to help as many people to transform their bodies, whilst I transformed mine. Having a goal, a vision and working consistently towards that goal is the path to success.”


300x300-Catherine-KeelyCatherine Keely – 2013 Weight Loss Category Winner
The whole experience has been life changing, everyone should give it a go, there is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. It was so awesome being recognised on stage for my efforts and now I’m ready to take my body all the way.”


300x300-Tim-SmithTim Smith –  2013 Healthy Ageing Winner
“I’m very happy with my results and to see that I’ve motivated and inspired others in the process has all made it worthwhile. I’ve hit my goal weight and I know I can maintain this with great products and convenient shake options. My whole family is moving in a healthy direction, which is another great transformation.”


300x300-Katie-TassoneKatie Tassone – 2013 Energy and Performance Category Winner “I was totally surprised to be one of the top ten finalists, let alone a category winner. It just goes to show anyone can do this. I’m definitely motivated to be back on stage and I’ve realised I can become whoever I want to be.”


300x300-Karl-HammantKarl Hammant- People’s Choice Award Winner
“The IsaBody Challenge has changed my life! I’m still blown away at my award and it’s just brought this really big buzz to my business. With great products and people, I know I’ll keep soaring to new heights.”

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