Heather and Neal Rickard have a shared passion for travel and adventure. With two grown-up daughters living in the US and Wales, the couple spend much of their time overseas immersing themselves in new cultures. But life wasn’t always so carefree for the pair, with full-time corporate jobs keeping them mentally, physically and emotionally drained.

Introduced to Isagenix® four years ago, Heather and Neal were on a mission to improve their health and wellbeing. “Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro had always been on my bucket list,” shares Heather. “In order to make that dream a reality however, I knew I needed to increase my fitness.”

With a shared goal of improving their health and wellbeing and with Heather’s dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the couple began using the Isagenix system. “I wanted to not only release excess weight but also gain more muscle and endurance,” shares Heather.

Using the Isagenix system, Heather and Neal were able to gain new, healthy habits, particularly important to Neal. “Being in the building industry, it’s easy to be unhealthy,” says Neal. “The Isagenix system allowed us both to create healthy habits and we have kept those new habits for four years now. Our lifestyle has completely changed.”

A new lease on fitness and health isn’t the only strength the couple have gained. Along with challenging their fitness, Heather and Neal like to challenge their minds with personal development. “We are strong advocates for corporate events and it has made a world of difference for us,” shares Neal. “The personal development opportunities have been fantastic. Our confidence and leadership abilities have grown to new heights and we are continuing to grow every day.”

Now 2 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executives, Heather and Neal love sharing their passion for health with others, particularly the older generation. “Our health has never been better,” says Heather. “We have more passion, enthusiasm and energy than ever before. We want to show people in our age bracket that they don’t need to retire their dreams. We were able to achieve our dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and we want to show others how they can achieve their dreams too!”

The dynamic duo are a strong example of hard work paying off, with Heather stating they haven’t been in one place for longer than five months over the last two years. “So many people have a dream to spend their golden years travelling,” shares Heather. “The Prime Time community allows us to show the older generation that it is possible to live a life full of adventure regardless of your age. We believe that everyone deserves the best in life and helping people achieve this helps us grow.”

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