Team Isagenix athlete Jenny Owens is a force to be reckoned with. The incredible 38 year old is currently the second highest ranked alpine skier and one of the most successful ski racers to come out of Australia. She has competed on the World Cup Alpine and Freestyle Tour for 16 years and has competed in 3 Winter Olympic Games, 5 World Championships and 4 Winter X Games.

Jenny retired from alpine skiing in 2004 but came out of retirement in 2005 to compete in Ski Cross, a skiing competition previously held at the Winter X Games. She retired again after the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games but has decided to come out of retirement once more and hopes to compete in her 4th Winter Olympic Games at the Korea 2018 Olympic Games in Alpine Skiing.

The elite athlete has been competing internationally for 25 years and admits she was previously struggling to get through a full week of training due to a lack of energy. When introduced to the Isagenix® products, Jenny was immediately skeptical. “I have taken supplements before and never really noticed much difference, so I wasn’t too excited to try the Isagenix products,” admits Jenny.

Beyond being a professional athlete, Jenny was previously working two jobs. “I was up at 5:30am in the gym training young, aspiring athletes then I’d be off to an office job all day. I’d later return to the gym for more training and wouldn’t get home until about 7:30pm,” recalls Jenny. “It was exhausting and I felt horrible. Due to not having much time to focus on myself, I gained some weight and was desperate to get back to my usual self.”

In an attempt to gain her confidence back and restore her energy levels, Jenny decided to give the Isagenix products a go. “Once I decided to embrace it and give it a fair go, I was surprised at the amazing results I was achieving. My energy levels are great,” says Jenny. “I’ve definitely become a product of the product since starting and I feel invincible.”

“Only just coming out of retirement now, I haven’t competed in the Winter Olympics in 13 years, so I’m excited for the challenge,” says Jenny. “Credit for my return to the sport has to go to the Isagenix products, especially the AMPED™ range which is helping to give me the competitive edge and recovery I need.”

“Representing Team Isagenix has allowed me to not only inspire others but also to inspire myself again. I’m training like I’m 25 again and have a renewed zest for life. I’m so excited for the future.”