diveIn-IsaFYI-700x112Whether you’re racing to the Riviera with our Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge, or just looking for a way to boost your Isagenix income, it’s time to play in the pools – our monthly leadership pools!

Grow your Isagenix business and earn the active rank of Director or Executive and you can start earning in these lucrative bonus pools.

Every month in the Director Leadership Pool, we award up to $75,000 to business builders who reach (and maintain) an active rank of Director and who are increasing their personal cycle growth. The more you increase your net cycle growth, the more shares you earn. The more shares you earn, the bigger your bonus check. You can participate in the Director Leadership Pool for up to three consecutive months as you grow your rank toward Executive.

Once you reach Executive, you’re moving to the big pools! Up to $125,000 is awarded each month in our Executive Pool. To earn shares in our Executive Leadership Pool, increase your average personal team bonus cycles by two or more over the previous month’s benchmark. You can find your benchmark in your Associate Back Office under ‘Contest and Promotions’. You can participate in the Executive Leadership Pool for up to six months.

When you achieve 2 Star Golden Circle (an Executive earning 20 or more cycles weekly) or higher, you are eligible to earn shares for the over 5 million we pay out annually in our 2 to 3 Star, 4 to 6 Star, and 7+ Star Pools. These pools have set share values and are open to business builders who reach (and maintain) an active rank of Executive and increase their personal cycle growth and their teams growth.

To earn shares in our 2 Star and above Executive Leadership Pools, you need to grow your net cycles within your 4 levels of personally developed team (4PET). Your 4PET may be a few team members or thousands. What does your 4PET look like? Here’s a condensed image that will help you visualise it:

What’s My 4PET?


How Do I Grow My Cycles?

Cycle Growth may sound complicated, but the essence is simple. Cycles come from BV (Business Volume) and BV comes from product sales. That means, to grow your cycles, your team needs to increase their product sales and consumption. How can you increase the BV in your 4PET?

  • Coach your product users! Check in with clients to make sure they’ve set goals and are using the right products to achieve them. Do they need help managing stress? Have your team members add Ionix® Supreme!
  • Help your team set up an Autoship order. Ensure their favourite products arrive each month and they are never short on IsaLean™ Shakes, e+ Shot, or any of their other staple products.
  • Teach your team systems for success. Isagenix offers tools for just about everything! So don’t waste time and energy trying to reinvent the wheel. Simply visit ANZ.IsagenixBusiness.com for all the tools and training you (and your team) need to succeed.
  • Get involved in the IsaBody Challenge®! Transform your body and your business! The average monthly order of Associates who completed the Challenge was 209 BV. And 94% of Associates who joined the IsaBody Challenge in 2013 and completed their Challenge stayed with Isagenix for at least one year. Those are results you simply can’t deny!

So, don’t be shy! Come and play in the Leadership Pools; the water’s fine and your Leadership Pool earnings will help you meet your personal target and give you the chance to win a trip to the French Riviera in our Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge.