Team Isagenix athlete Katrina Wood isn’t your ordinary primary school PE teacher. With a handful of fitness competition wins under her belt, Katrina is unstoppable in her quest to earn the highly sought after ProCard.

As a qualified gym instructor and health advocate of many years, Katrina accepted her lack of energy as a way of life. “I thought I knew what was needed to improve my fitness and look after myself, yet I was always tired,” says Katrina. “I’d have to leave work early enough to get home and have a nap before training and I found myself wanting to sit down while I was teaching. I thought the answer was to keep training and eating as I was to try and further improve my fitness.”

It wasn’t until 2013 that Katrina realised her lack of energy was negatively affecting her life and stopping her from reaching her goals. “I was three weeks away from a dance competition and didn’t have a routine together as I was just too tired,” shares Katrina. “Despite all the training I did, I could never seem to change my body, gain strength or maintain a good level of fitness for a consistent period.”

Katrina was introduced to the Isagenix® system after noticing a good friend achieve incredible results and a boost in energy. “I was sceptical at first but I was tired of spending money on different supplements and not seeing a difference, so I took the plunge and purchased a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Pak,” shares Katrina. “The 30 Day Guarantee further prompted me to try the products as I knew if I had no success I could organise a return. I was so sceptical of the system that I didn’t even take a ‘before’ photo!”

Within days, Katrina felt an increase in both her physical and mental capabilities. “I gained enough energy and mental clarity to spend 6 hours in the dance studio on a weekend when I’d normally still be in bed and clearer thinking allows me to be a better teacher,” says Katrina. “I no longer need naps after work and before my training.”

Soon after completing an IsaBody Challenge, Katrina competed in her first fitness competition. “I had always been curious about whether I could compete but I’d never been able to change my body so I thought it wasn’t achievable,” says Katrina. “I was surprised to place 1st in my category and have continued on to compete in many more competitions, including the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas which gave me the chance to represent Australia.”

“Without Isagenix, I wouldn’t have had the courage to compete in a fitness competition. Representing Team Isagenix has allowed me to travel more, inspire others, grow my confidence and push the boundaries both physically and mentally. I’ve been able to represent my country which is something I didn’t think was ever possible.”