720px Honourable-Mention Melissa QMelissa Q.
Age: 25
Location: Queensland, AU
Released: 7kg

Melissa had always lived a busy life, often prioritising work duties above her health and wellness. Often having to nap throughout the day just to have enough energy to make it through, Melissa soon realised her health was suffering. In her mid-20’s it wasn’t the life she envisioned for herself.

In an attempt to restore her waning health, Melissa signed up to the IsaBody Challenge® after seeing others share their success. By using the Isagenix® program and making healthy lifestyle choices, she began to notice her energy levels increasing and was thrilled to see extra weight being released.

Health and wellness is now an integral part of Melissa’s life, encouraging her to take control of her health and take up new activities such as biking and Pilates.

“The IsaBody Challenge has given me something to strive towards and it makes me accountable for those days where I need the extra motivation to get to the gym. It’s a great feeling knowing my body is healthy and happy.”


Gerard P. 720px Honourable-Mention Gerard PAge: 42
Location: Hamilton, NZ
Released: 33kg

The IsaBody Challenge came at the perfect time for Gerard. His declining energy levels meant that he was no longer able to participate in some of his favourite activities. Gerard knew it was time to make a change.

Gerard was introduced to the Isabody Challenge by an old friend who had experienced amazing results using the Isagenix products. Gerard’s wife began using the products first and after seeing her improved energy and renewed zest for life, Gerard jumped right on board. Soon after using the products, Gerard began to notice he was sleeping better, thinking clearer and experiencing less physical stress on his feet and knees. He was eager to keep it up but he was afraid he didn’t have the mental strength to continue. To combat this, Gerard dedicated himself to the IsaBody Challenge to ensure he stayed consistent.

Gerard and his wife both joined a gym together to build exercise into their busy lives and achieve the best results possible. This encouraged them to step out of their comfort zone and expand their goals. They were embarking on a new and healthier version of themselves.

“I thought it was too late for me to change my life but I’ve done it! The IsaBody Challenge holds a special place in my heart as does the amazing community that has travelled alongside me on this journey.”


720px Honourable-Mention Nathan PNathan P.
Age: 37
Location: Western Australia, AU
Released: 6kg

As the owner of a busy pharmacy, Nathan thought he knew all there was to know about health and wellness. On the outside, Nathan appeared healthy however he was increasingly overwhelmed with the stresses of every day life and was close to burning out.

Nathan was introduced to Isagenix by his wife, Gabrielle. Uninterested at first due to having a range of supplements at his fingertips, Nathan soon became intrigued after witnessing Gabrielle’s results. After using the products and achieving amazing results within the first month, Nathan and Gabrielle signed up for the IsaBody Challenge together in an attempt to set new goals. Stepping up his workout schedule, Nathan was able to develop lean muscle and take his performance in the gym to the next level. The Challenge brought on a whole new level of strength for Nathan, as he found himself battling, and defeating, self-doubt and self-sabotage along the way.

“I have never achieved results like this before. I can attribute my physical and mental transformation to the supportive IsaBody Challenge community and the amazing Isagenix products. I now have an abundance of energy which allows me quality time with my family. My life has completely changed and I now believe anything is possible.”


Kathleen M.720px Honourable-Mention Kathleen MAge: 75
Location: Victoria, AU
Released: 0.5kg

At the age of 75, Kathleen believed it was too late for her to make a change to her lifestyle and resigned to a life of little energy and painful rheumatoid arthritis. After her daughter started using Isagenix, she persuaded Kathleen to give it a try.

Kathleen started using the Isagenix products but still held a negative mind-set; she was convinced she was too old and was not energetic enough therefore would not release any weight. To her surprise, through small and consistent changes to her lifestyle, she released 4 kgs. Her whole outlook on life and the potential of her new health goals began to shift. She noticed her energy levels increase so stepped up her commitment by joining the IsaBody Challenge and a gym!

Kathleen now has more energy to spend time with her grandchildren and has discovered a new passion for healthy ageing. “Having released excess weight, I notice that there is less stress on my joints and I can better manage my arthritis by keeping my health in check. I now have a positive outlook on the future because I took control of my health. Anyone I meet remarks how fit and happy I look. I can’t wait to start my next IsaBody Challenge!”