Is this a new year for a new you? New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be about personal development but by early February, many of us have cut corners or had a few slip-ups that leave us feeling guilty and defeated. If this is you, you’re not alone.

We all have the ability to achieve our goals but it doesn’t hurt to have support and accountability along the way to help you stay on track. If support and accountability is imperative to your success, consider signing up for the Healthy Mind and Body program.

Healthy Mind and Body is a step by step accountability program laid out over the course of 60 days. Over the 60 day period, participants are required to complete short tasks and assignments every day to help train the mind in developing and sustaining positive thoughts and behaviours. Through a series of exercises, you can remain goal-focused and begin to break through those unwanted negative habits.

The program goes hand-in-hand with the IsaBody Challenge®, a 16-week total body transformation challenge for Isagenix Associates. Both the Healthy Mind and Body Program and the IsaBody Challenge are quickly proving to be particularly helpful around the New Year. Here’s how both programs can help set you up for a successful 2017:

One of the biggest hurdles in sticking to a New Year’s resolution is having the willpower to achieve your goals. The IsaBody Challenge acts as a built-in accountability system, providing each participant with a 16-week timeline, support from other participants and social media tools to stay on track.

Healthy Mind and Body takes just 10-15 minutes of daily, consistent action spanning 60 days. As you continue to challenge old thoughts and behaviours through small, daily actions, you are able to develop positive mental training.

Daily support
Breaking and building new habits takes time. Personal development also takes time.  Healthy Mind and Body is the perfect support companion to encourage you to achieve your goals.

So even if you’ve skipped a few workouts, lost track of your plans or thrown your entire resolution to the wind it’s never too late to get back on track by registering for the IsaBody Challenge and Healthy Mind and Body.You can find the Healthy Mind and Body program in your Back Office under the ‘Resources’ tab and further IsaBody Challenge details here. Get the support you need with Healthy Mind and Body to make your New Year’s resolution a successful one.