hunter and levi303Best friends Levi Saunders and Hunter Anderson have experienced great success with Isagenix in only short time in the business. These young START entrepreneurs are paving the way for their team in Perth and beyond…

“I was introduced to Isagenix by my friend Ben. I was skeptical at first but I wanted results in the gym so I started using the products. In a matter of days I felt amazing!” shares Levi. “I’d always been attracted to the idea of network marketing. I’d worked with another company previously but hadn’t believed in the products or the compensation plan. The Isagenix products were so good and I couldn’t believe the compensation plan either. Hunter and I had been friends a long time so I thought we should give the business a go together.”

“I shared the Isagenix opportunity with three people within our first week before I’d even tried the products! My background is in sales and real estate so I was confident in talking to people about it,” says Hunter. “We went to a meeting and I saw all different types of people from all walks of life just loving life and having positive results. I could see the products worked without even having tried them. I said to Levi that I could see where this could go and it could potentially be amazing!”

After getting stuck into the business and experiencing the products for themselves, Levi and Hunter started to figure our how they could be successful as business partners in Isagenix.

“At the start it was more me just helping out Levi part time but as time went on I decided to give the business 100%,” shares Hunter. “I’d always had a vision that I would be retired by the time I’m 30. I also saw myself travelling around the world and helping people in some way. I just didn’t know what the vehicle was going to be. My career and salary had been getting better and better but when this opportunity came along I could see the long term benefits of Isagenix far outweighed any of the other jobs I’d had. So I packed in real estate to concentrate on our Isagenix business and here we are!”

These young guys have what it takes to be successful in Isagenix, and the best part is the fun they are having along the way.

“We’re always laughing and enjoying ourselves and we encourage our team to do the same. That’s one of the best things about this business, that you get to have fun, and we love it. We can grow our business faster by working as a team. It’s so straight forward for us and it’s a rare thing to find a friend that you can put that trust in and build a successful business together,” says Levi.  “We’re very different, like chalk and cheese, but that means we both bring different qualities to the table. Hunter is more business minded and I’m more about developing relationships. I encourage our whole team, Hunter included, to be kind and caring. You want to know how your team is feeling and make sure they are enjoying the products and the business journey and if not, why.”

“My strengths are being able to establish our roles and responsibilities, as the end of the day it is a business,” says Hunter. “If you’re a business partnership and you’re both doing the same things that doesn’t make sense. We split up the business tasks and play to our strengths. I’m very decisive and am able to make the crucial decisions quickly; I can also interact with anyone from any walk of life who’s willing to give this opportunity a go. I’d say another important part of partnership too is to develop your weaknesses which we’re both working on. We’re definitely taking things up a notch in our Isagenix business now and recognising what we need to work on,” says Hunter.

“We want to be a recognised duo and one of the driving forces of young entrepreneurs, like the Hamish and Andy of Isagenix!” says Levi. “We both love this business and the vision of the company so we want to be involved in every aspect. We’re building strong foundations in our team and making sure that everyone knows how to duplicate this business because that’s what it’s all about.”