Lloyd Ross and Alisha Fernandez were comfortable with the life they had created. Both working full time with Alisha as a paralegal and Lloyd running a family property business, the couple were satisfied with the life they were building together. Though seemingly content, the pair knew they wanted to one day own a business together, something close to their heart that focused on improving the life of others. It seemed an unattainable goal and having settled into their routine, they pushed the dream to the back of their minds.

It wasn’t long before the couple felt the need to shake up their routine and do something bigger with their lives. Aware of the couple’s desire to work together and change lives, Lloyd’s sister, 3 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive, Brooke Nilsen saw the potential and introduced the Isagenix opportunity to them.

Excited at the prospect of better health and wellness, Alisha began using the products as a way to help her release some excess weight. “I trusted Brooke and she was having such great results using the products,” says Alisha. “Lloyd, however, was a little more sceptical, haunted by negative network marketing experiences in the past.”

Witnessing Alisha’s results and with research and coaching from Brooke, Lloyd began to see the value in Isagenix and was impressed by the no-compromise products and easy-to-follow Compensation Plan. “I had such a dramatic mental and physical transformation using the products,” shares Lloyd. “It inspired me to enter and compete in a natural body building competition and I even took at first place in the Fitness Category!”

With further research, Lloyd and Alisha immersed themselves into learning everything they could about Isagenix, feeling positive that this was the opportunity they had been searching for. “Isagenix introduced us to a world of personal development and leadership,” says Alisha. “Attending events helped us grow into the leaders we wanted to be. Our belief in the products, company and ourselves continues to grow every day.”

Three years on, the 3 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executives are living the life they had always dreamed of. “We love to travel and four weeks a year just wasn’t enough for us,” shares Alisha. “Working on building our Isagenix Business has meant that we get to choose who we work with and where we work. Having earned the time flexibility to do both simultaneously is incredible.”

It’s full speed ahead for these START 1000 members, who have earned numerous accolades over their time with Isagenix. “Being recognised on stage at Celebration in Brisbane has been one of the biggest highlights to date,” says Alisha. “We also topped the 2-3 Star Executive Leadership Pools and earned a trip to Uluru for Top Achievers which was on our vision board. It truly lit the fire in our belly even more and we walked away from the trip with so much new, valuable knowledge to take back to our team.”

Amongst their achievements, Lloyd and Alisha are most thankful for their team and the START movement they are building with hundreds of other like-minded 18-35 year olds. “Supporting our team is everything and we love to challenge them to help them grow and develop into the leaders we know they can be,” says Alisha. “We are so proud to be partof the START movement and we love showing others how they, too, can challenge the status quo.”

“We don’t want to work 40 hours a week for 40 years then enjoy our life. We want to enjoy it now. We are so grateful for the START movement and are honoured to be and create leaders. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and how many more lives we have the opportunity to impact.”