Sue Oakman is taking the competitive world of CrossFit by storm. A Team Isagenix Athlete, Sue has earned her fair share of impressive accolades since beginning her athletic career in 2010. Qualifying for her first Australian Regionals in 2010, her success encouraged her to train harder and she qualified for her first World CrossFit Games in 2011.

In 2013, Sue was forced to take a long hiatus from competing due to shoulder surgery. “When I was introduced to Isagenix®, I wasn’t in the best shape,” she explains. “I was out of my sport due to my shoulder surgery and my diet wasn’t where it should’ve been. Looking back, my energy levels were average but at the time I thought it was normal.”

Eager to get back into training again for the CrossFit Games, Sue was introduced to Isagenix by her friend, 5 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive, Maren Barnard in 2014. “Maren talked about how her and her husband, Stephen, had been using the products and were experiencing great results, particularly with their energy levels,” she says. “As I was ready to get back into training, I was interested in trying something new. I needed to get my health back on track in preparation so I ordered a Weight Loss Premium Pack and that’s where my Isagenix journey began.”

Kick-starting her re-introduction to CrossFit, Sue released 4 kgs of excess weight using the Isagenix products. “I was sleeping better, my energy levels were lifting and I was feeling good again,” she shares. “It was a good start and I was happy with the results I was receiving.”

It’s no surprise that Sue went on to qualify and compete at the CrossFit Games in 2015, finishing 11th in the world“I also qualified in 2016 but had to decline my invitation with a back injury,” she says. “Though I had to decline, it was the most ready, mentally and physically, I had ever been for a competition. The introduction of the AMPED™ range just prior to qualifying was a welcome addition to the products I was already using and definitely helped me to take my performance to the next level.”

Now 1 Star Silver Circle, Crystal Director, Sue is currently training to qualify for the 2018 CrossFit Games and Isagenix is a consistent staple in her routine. “My favourite products are AMPED Recover and IsaPro™,” she says. “CrossFit is a challenging sport and AMPED Recover and IsaPro help my body to recover and repair the way it needs to with minimal downtime.”

Passionate about her sport and helping others achieve optimal health, Sue uses the Team Isagenix platform as a way to inspire others. “I love my sport and the people I have met through it,” she says. “I love showing people how they can take their health and wellness to new levels.”