90-Day Action Plan: Get New Members Started and Recognise Your Team

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Excellent work these past seven weeks getting out of your comfort zone, creating excitement around Isagenix and helping people transition to a healthy lifestyle! Real growth is about constant improvement, so take a moment to reflect on how you can use your experience to help others get started in the best way.

90-Day Action Plan: Sharing and Following Up

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How many of your Warm Prospects were you able to connect with last week? Were you able to discover more about their goals, answer any questions and share how Isagenix may be the solution to their success? If you were not able to reach out to all your contacts, keep connecting this week until you have gone through your full list.

Maximise IsaDerby Success with the 90-Day Action Plan

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So, you’ve brought together your team of six and are ready to earn the minimum 80 Qualification Points each to secure your spot to IsaDerby Global Celebration in August. With so many ways to earn points, you may be wondering where to even begin. Discover how you can leverage the 90-Day Action Plan to help earn you and your team a spot to Global Celebration in Vegas!
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