When introducing Isagenix® products and systems to a new Associate, it can be difficult not to ‘verbal vomit’!

There is so much information available so where do you start?

180x180-px-Circle-TickCheck yourself!

Isagenix Compliance ANZ is dedicated to ensuring that you and your new Associates have the Best. Experience. Ever!

This means going back to basics and ensuring you are meeting the essentials of introducing someone to a new nutritional lifestyle program.

1. First things first! Have they seen their GP?

Isagenix always recommends new Associates consult their doctor to make sure everything is good to go with their new healthy lifestyle! This avoids any unexpected concerns that could arise.
Do they have dietary requirements? Encourage them to show their doctor the Allergen Table and Ingredients List.

2. Empower your new Associate to be realistic about their expected results!

Show them the Clinical Studies and IsaProductAU.com according to what they want to achieve.

The Isagenix ANZ Official disclaimers have just been updated to include the average results of our most recent research! View the new Weight Loss Disclaimer here!

3. Honour the Pak Guides!

Our Program and Pak Guides have been developed by our team of 45 full-time scientists and nutritional experts, including Dr Suk Cho, Isagenix Chief Science Officer and all-round product development extraordinaire. They are specifically designed to allow our Associates to get the most out of Isagenix systems, achieve the best results and have a great experience.

Ensure your new Associate knows the importance of the Program and Pak Guides as well as product labels, including dosage! Who wants to mess with science? Not me!

4. Learn the Disclaimers. Understand the Disclaimers.

The word ‘disclaimer’ may sound like a scary legal word but it simply means ‘things you need to know’. The Official Disclaimers can be accessed in the Compliance Library here, under ‘Compliance Tools and Resources’.

Have a read while enjoying your Strawberry Cream IsaLean™ Shake and understand the importance in ensuring that new Associates have the best experience possible, by helping them see that Isagenix products are scientifically-backed, no-compromise, quality assured food and supplements. No magic or luck required!

5. Use the Tools!

Isagenix wants you to succeed and has put systems in place to support you, if you are willing to put in the hard yards. For those who dedicate the time, passion, commitment and time, the opportunities can only grow. Isagenix is proud of our business statistics and makes them available at www.IsagenixEarnings.com to help your new Associate set realistic goals.

Lucy Dillon is your local Policy Advisor in the Isagenix ANZ Compliance Department. For more information, check out IsagenixCompliance.com and select AU or NZ. 

Can’t find what you are looking for? Email your direct questions to ComplianceANZ@isagenixcorp.com