We are so pumped to announce the IsaBody Challenge® category winners for Round 2 onstage at Summer Kick Off! With hard work, persistence and dedication, these Associates have completed their 16-week Challenge and achieved amazing transformations!

Three cheers to these inspiring Associates – and to everyone who is working to transform their bodies and transform their lives!

720x720px-Heidi-G-IsaBody-Finalists-R2Weight Loss: Heidi G.

A 36 year-old mother who has struggled with her weight for too long, Heidi G. was inspired by her two young children as they cheered her through her journey to better health. Releasing 31.4kg throughout her Challenge, Heidi experienced setbacks that almost put her off course with her weight loss goals.

With the support of her family and fellow Associates, Heidi is living proof that with a clear goal anything can be achieved!

720x720px-Trent-H-IsaBody-Finalists-R2Energy & Performance: Trent H.

Trent H. knows all about how it feels to be lacking energy as a busy father of two young children and an Airbus A320 airline Captain.

Trent wanted to feel more energetic and improve his health and realised that the IsaBody Challenge was the perfect vehicle to achieving his goals. He released 14.3kg and reduced his body fat percentage from 23.8% to 10.4% and even better, now has the energy to keep up with his kids!

720x720px-Robyn-C-IsaBody-Finalists-R2Healthy Ageing: Robyn C.

Robyn C. admits that before Isagenix® she felt “like a beach ball with feet”. She found she was dragging herself out of bed in the morning but now wakes up every day to run before running a busy cafe all day.

Robyn has released 6.8kg and reduced her body fat from 22.5% to 14.9%. This 55-year-young Associate has certainly got her bounce back!

720x720px-Shannon-M-IsaBody-Finalists-R2Reload: Shannon M.

Many Associates love using the IsaBody Challenge to keep their goals on track. This exciting new category recognises Associates who have repeated their Challenge to maintain their previous achievements and set new goals. Shannon M. is no exception and has set and smashed his physical and personal goals in previous rounds – he’s even registered for Round 3 already!

For this Challenge, Shannon’s goal was to keep on track to maintain his amazing results and to become cardio fit to run a half marathon.

So what are you waiting for! Be inspired and begin your own transformation and register for IsaBody Challenge 2016 through your Back Office today!

*The Weight Loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3.2kg during the first nine days of the Nutritional Cleansing Program.