720px-Isabody-before-after-heather-h-profileA few years ago, Associate Heather H. was living the dream. Retired and travelling around Australia with her husband Brian, Heather gained 26kg over three years, going from a comfortable size 12 to a tight size 16. Introduced to Isagenix® by her daughter-in-law Elissa D., Heather began her journey with the President’s Pak and hasn’t looked back.

Fresh from completing her first IsaBody Challenge® where she released 12.7kg, Heather is on her second round-trip of Australia and this time she has a new lifestyle to pack with her.

“Since a young age, I struggled with my weight and body shape even though I always tried to be healthy. Little did I know that this battle would last 46 years,” shares Heather. “After I retired, not having the daily structure of a job meant I had access to food 24/7. I guess I was tired of restricting my foods for over 40 years, so my ‘diet’ got out of control and I craved unhealthy foods. My hips started to ache painfully in bed and I felt tired all the time – and I could no longer blame my work or stress.”

On the right track

When Heather noticed changes within a few days of trying Isagenix, she knew her next road trip would be vastly different. “I was thrilled with the way my constant hunger and food cravings disappeared and I felt full and satisfied after each IsaLean™ Shake,” she says. “I began looking forward to drinking my daily quota of water and I started to sleep through the night, something I hadn’t done since my 20s!”

Heather H lifestyleWith a hectic travelling schedule, Heather did not have a regular exercise routine through her IsaBody Challenge.  “I simply used the products as directed. If you want the results, you need to follow the system,” says Heather.

“My feeling of well-being and motivation have improved so much now that I’m now wanting to be more active and exercise more regularly, so I’m sure my results will not only continue but accelerate.”

“I also found the IsaBody Challenge ANZ Facebook page a huge source of support, especially while travelling,” says Heather. “It was a great place to connect and be motivated by other Associates on their journey. I was so pleased to share my own Before and After photos when I completed my 16 weeks!”

Challenge of a lifetime

Heather describes herself as an average 58-year old grandmother whose original IsaBody goals were to be fit enough to play with her grandchildren. On a personal note, she also wanted to fit back into the jeans bought in 2011 before her weight gain. “Completing my 16-week Challenge, I have reached these goals and gained so much more,” shares Heather. “I truly believe this is my new lifestyle. I have my eating under control, my food cravings have gone and losing the weight is a bonus.”

“I feel more motivated to enjoy life and I now actively get out exploring the places we visit,” says Heather. “I no longer feel tired during the day and I feel more energised and happier now than I have in 30 years. My emotional health has improved, I sleep soundly and my hips no longer ache. For the first time in my life my hips and thighs are now more in proportion to the rest of my body and I no longer feel pear-shaped. And most importantly, I can run and play with the grandkids!”

Heather Atkinson LifeStyle2Sharing is caring

Heather’s husband Brian also experienced results in supporting Heather through her Challenge, releasing 10kg over a few months.

“Brian loves the taste of the products as well as their convenience. Travelling with Isagenix products makes it so easy and gives us the flexibility to pop a bar in our bag for an easy and nutritious lunch or have a Shake for dinner after a long day exploring. What’s even better is that we can receive our Autoship anywhere in Australia, so we never run out of products.”

“My next goal is to explore this wonderful country for another 20-odd years and I believe using Isagenix will enable me to do it,” says Heather. “It is truly amazing what the body achieves whilst getting the best nutrition available. This is a lifestyle with which I can live the rest of my life!”


*The Weight Loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3.2kg during the first nine days of the Nutritional Cleansing Program.