Team Isagenix Athlete, Geordie Shields, boasts a long list of accolades in not one but two competitive sports, bodybuilding and powerlifting. As a business owner, Geordie used the gym as a way to relieve tension after a long day at work but it wasn’t long before the father of three began to fall in love with not just the results but the entire process.

Taken by the health and fitness industry and lifestyle, Geordie’s passion began to grow. “I wanted to learn as much as possible about exercising and nutrition so I completed qualifications as both a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist,” he says. “As well as helping me with my goals I knew having those qualifications would allow me to also help other people.”

After competing as a bodybuilder for five years, Geordie took a break to focus on his business and didn’t come back to the sport for over a decade. Although taking a break from the competitive side of bodybuilding, Geordie still trained regularly and discovered a new love for powerlifting. “I moved to a new place and started at a new gym,” says Geordie. “That’s when I discovered powerlifting and it has completely changed my life.”

As a competitive athlete of many years, Geordie was always on the hunt for the best products on the market. “As a father, husband, business owner and competitive athlete, I need the best nutrition to allow me to perform at my peak at all times,” he says. “I was introduced to Isagenix and discussed the products with my wife, Ayesha and we made the decision to make the switch.”

To date, Geordie has won three national titles, two international titles, holds eight world records and over 28 local records across three weight divisions and he hasn’t let turning 40 slow him down. “In the time between November 2014 and November 2015, I competed in four bodybuilding competitions and three strength events,” shares Geordie. “I’m performing at my best all thanks to the optimum nutrition provided by Isagenix.”

Customisation is key for Geordie, using the Isagenix system as the core of his nutrition. “I love Cleanse for Life™ and the IsaLean ™ Shake Dairy Free,” says Geordie. “I eat about six or eight meals a day and incorporate the Dairy Free Shake into my nutrition as a way to keep my protein balanced. I also love IsaPro™ for a bigger protein hit when I need it.”

Nutrition has always been the foundation of Geordies success and although suffering from various injuries over the last few years, he refuses to let that slow him down. “The Isagenix system has been awesome for me because it has helped me to recover faster and I can quickly adapt it to whatever my needs are,” says Geordie. “The Isagenix culture and the incredible corporate events I have attended have not only helped revitalise my passion for health and wellness, it has also taught me the importance of mindset and how I can help people achieve their goals the same way I have. Being a Team Isagenix Athlete allows me that platform to ignite change.”