It’s the last week of IsaDerby and the chance to gather your team and jump the very last hurdle! What are you doing to work hard, maintain your efforts, focus on your goals and keep the momentum rolling in order to achieve success?

Those who are using the 90-Day Game Plan will know just how important it is to put time aside to focus on daily targets and setting aims which will help work towards your main goal. Maybe Healthy Mind and Body is keeping you motived? Maybe your team are thoroughly connecting and communicating so there’s no stopping you all! Or maybe you’ve simply put your mind to it and are committing to making ANYTHING is possible?

Whatever you’re focusing on, whoever you’re connecting with – we want to know what particularly motivates you to race for the spot on the IsaDerby trip-of-a-lifetime!

So get ‘snapping’ and get ‘hashtagging’ – share your team spirit photos with the @IsagenixANZ Instagram and get ready to dial in soon to hear the exciting results of this amazing competition!

Will it be you jetting off to the one and only IsaDerby Celebration? Just to get you all a little more revved up, Bianca Bathurst has reminded us about just how special it was to her when winning a Wild Card Spot with IsaDerby.bianca

“When we heard our names announced for the winners of IsaDerby San Diego, we were totally blown away! This competition reaffirms the true heart and culture of Isagenix – the experience, the way we were treated by the corporate team and the high energy throughout the trip is something we’ll never forget!” she says.

Bianca’s ‘Breakthrough’ was the incredible Leadership Training with David Wood. “It’s just a ticket to everything possible,” she adds.

Click here to listen in, if you missed the last IsaDerby call.

So what are you going to do in this last week to earn your spot on this life-changing trip?