To say World Champion beach sprinter and Team Isagenix Extreme Athlete Abby Lewtas has an impressive resume of titles and wins would be an understatement. While her story might not start how many others would, it’s one that proves how special this health and wellness legacy is.

Introduced to the Energy and Performance System by Isagenix Millionaires, Kevin and Pamela Barnum, when previously living in Canada, Abby soon found that Isagenix had the perfect products to fuel her body with the energy, nutrition and nourishment she needed to perform at her best.

“I am so grateful for being introduced to Isagenix,” she says. “While I’m totally loving using the products including the new AMPED™ range, I’m also given the best support to help build my team by sharing Isagenix products and our community is always reinforcing achievements and business growth.”

Abby’s lifestyle, usage of the Energy and Performance solutions and great understanding of the importance of nutrition is an asset which exemplifies the heart and soul of Isagenix culture. Her engagement with others focusing on a life of good health is something that speaks for itself. “The process is simple. I watch IsaMovie videos, use the online product tools that Isagenix provides for support, combine the products with my training and simply feel the amazing results which enable me to perform at my peak!” Abby says.

Recently returning to Beach Sprinting – Abby put the new AMPED range to the test. The results for Abby were one to remember – she won the Gold medal at the Australian Life Saving Championships in the 30-34 Beach Flags! Not only did she win Gold, her team took home the Silver and Bronze too.

AMPED™ NOx helped me on the run up to and throughout the competition. I usually have to catch my breath after sprinting in such an explosive sport – NOx really helped me to regulate my breathing,” Abby says. “And I really noticed a difference in my performance with AMPED™ Power because it gave me a huge burst of energy, needed for Beach Sprinting!”

She also confirms, “In my previous competitions, I always felt sore and stiff after competing. AMPED™ Recover really helps my muscles to pull through from these tough events and I can really feel the positive change in my body.”

Abby represents Team Isagenix because she loves the honesty and no compromise products. “The beauty of Isagenix is you can combine the products and this opens doors to opportunities for anyone! I am forever grateful for Ionix® Supreme because it allows me to remain level and keep my equilibrium when getting caught up in the drama and challenges of competitions,” Abby says.

Returning from Canada to live in Australia just over a year ago, Abby also has an unbreakable passion for Roller Derby – “I’m currently incorporating my favourite Isagenix products into my training for Roller Derby. Our Victorian All Stars Charter team is ranked 2nd in the world and my goal is to be selected to compete in the playoffs in September,” Abby says.

While Abby has won many extreme sporting competitions in the past, she plans to continue using Isagenix – one motive she’s always stuck by is ‘Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen’. With this mindset and positive thinking, it’s no wonder Abby exemplifies the Isagenix culture and has big plans for future competitions and business building.