1200px Tom Carroll Athlete Story

The biggest challenge can sometimes be slowing down when we’re so used to living busy lifestyles. Doing nothing is a standard test for World Professional Surfing Champion, Tom Carroll, who just can’t get enough of being in the ocean – and he has no plans to stop training. “Back in the 80s, I wanted to tune up my training. I attempted various juice cleansing programs, but I never came across anything quite like the Isagenix System,” he says. “The more I age, the more I look for ways to achieve good health and strength to support my training.”

When Tom and his partner attempted a long distance paddleboard race back in 2013, their efforts were immense, but they couldn’t quite accomplish the results. Someone they knew, also taking part in the competition was achieving a better outcome and when asked what her secret was, she simply explained, proper nutrition – Isagenix.

“After taking the opportunity to see what Isagenix could do for me, I soon realised that enjoying having sugar in my diet was an illusion. The day I started the Nutritional Cleansing Program, I haven’t looked back since!” Tom says. “The changes in my range of movement and the way I felt all started to improve within weeks of using this nutrition.”

Relying on significant amounts of food before Isagenix was the only way Tom thought he could get enough nourishment for his body. “I struggled to get all that I needed from just food alone, but Isagenix soon provided me with the right nutrition without having to eat a ridiculous amount of food,” he says. “But my first Cleanse Day was the moment everything in my training changed for the better.” Tom’s motivation, strength and ability to train harder was just the benefit he was hoping for – but allowing his mind to think clearer was a whole new level of results that he’d never expected to gain.

“I make time for regular cleanses to allow my body and mind to feel light and fresh,” he adds. “This has worked wonders because it means I can put more into my training and give more to my team when we are competing. We each endure 3 hours of paddling and I remember the same race 14 years ago where it took me over a week to recover – these days I’m ready to roll after just one day of rest and recovery.”

Tom believes that Cleansing allows his body to operate in a much more efficient way. “Some people aren’t keen on the idea of a cleanse day – but those who come to me, curious to learn more will know how eager I am to explain how beneficial it is for athletes to make this part of their training plan,” he confirms. “I am so thrilled with the amazing changes in people I have been able to see in the last year, just from combining Isagenix into their healthy lifestyle.”

While Tom makes use of a wide range of the Energy and Performance System, he also highlights his ‘why’ for using Isagenix. “I love the AMPED range to help me unleash my potential when I’m surfing – it gives me that extra boost and edge to go the extra mile even though I’m already naturally gifted in the water,” he says. “The protein intake helps me recover faster too and sets me up for the day ahead of me – but overall I just want to perform and age healthy!”

Having three daughters is a big part of Tom’s life which means he could be a grandfather one day and wants to make the most of these special moments. “I want nothing more than to be an excellent, engaging grandparent and give my energy to the younger generation who are seeking support from an athlete like myself,” he says. “The real drive is when you hear stories from cutting edge athletes who are also using the products; when you know they’re putting the trust into the science and research behind this nutrition, you can’t help but want more!”