Lisa Vlacci
Age: 48
Location: VIC, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 60.7 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 60.2 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 5

Lisa’s incredible transformation proves the numbers on the scale aren’t always an indicator of the changes your body is making. Increasing her fitness through a combination of strength and endurance training, Lisa reduced her overall body fat percentage and increased her muscle mass, taking her body composition to a whole new level. “This Challenge equipped me to complete my very first half marathon which I am so proud of,” she says. “I love seeing how strong and healthy my body has become!”

Discovering a love for obstacle racing, Lisa went on to compete in a Spartan Race and Tough Mudder – both of which involved a combination of strength, endurance and serious skill. “This Challenge, I set myself goals that I knew I wouldn’t find easy,” she says. “I couldn’t have done any of it without the incredible nutrition provided by the Isagenix® range. It gave me the right fuel and recovery my body needed to make all this possible.”

Luke Malone 
Age: 27
Location: VIC, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 75 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 72 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 1

Luke already can’t wait to register for his next IsaBody Challenge®. After becoming tired of constantly snoozing his alarm in the mornings and struggling through his work day, he registered for the Challenge in the hopes of gaining more energy. “I work a very physical job,” he says. “I’d spend my days looking forward to getting home for a nap on the couch. Now, I have enough energy left over for football or cricket training – something I’d never imagined possible!”

Although weight loss has been a result of his new regime, Luke emphasises the incredible improvement in his energy levels thanks to the Isagenix System and the accountability of the Challenge. “You can definitely see my results, my body fat has dropped and I finally have abs,” he shares. “Even more importantly, I’m feeling excited about my hobbies again. It’s much more than just weight loss and I can’t wait to see the results from my next Challenge.”

Sara Montagnolli
Age: 40
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 78 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 74.2 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 4

As a pro athlete, staying in shape was a breeze for Sara. But retirement from her sport hit her hard, with Sara’s body struggling to adjust to a more sedentary lifestyle. “Being active and healthy was a standard part of my day when I was competing,” she says. “My new, sedentary lifestyle left me feeling unmotivated, low on energy and a little disheartened.”

Four Challenges down and Sara’s ‘Start, Complete, Repeat’ attitude has her feeling as energetic, lean and strong as she did when she was a competing athlete. “I wanted to prove that I could earn my athlete’s body back without having to train 5-6 hours a day,” she says. “Along with the Isagenix System I included weight training and interval cardio sessions into my training routine and the results have been awesome. The Challenge keeps me consistent and always pushing for more.”

Michael Conway 
Age: 51
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 95 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 90 kgs
Total Challenges Completed: 1

After four years of using the Isagenix System and being an active member of the Isagenix community, Michael realised he was talking the talk but no longer walking the walk. “I wasn’t being consistent with my health goals anymore and knew I needed to focus and get back on track again,” he says. “Luckily, I already knew I could rely on the Isagenix System for my nutrition, I just needed to learn to be consistent with my exercise.”

Registering for the Challenge as a way to track his progress and keep accountable, Michael used himself as his motivation to get back on the straight and narrow. “I’m stoked with my results and am ready to get stuck into my next Challenge already,” he says. “To help work on my mindset, I’ve decided to participate in the Healthy Mind and Body program in conjunction with my Challenge. I can’t wait to see what I achieve next.”