Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as an example for his family and personal training clients, Shannon M. found he kept falling back into old habits. Although he knew what his goals were, it wasn’t until he was introduced to Isagenix® in July 2014 that he found a program to support his nutritional needs. Just a couple of weeks later, he started his first IsaBody Challenge® and discovered the perfect framework to get his lifestyle back on track.

Starting from scratch

“Before Isagenix I was unhappy, stressed and tired,” shares Shannon. “I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and I didn’t think about the effects this had on my body or my family.”

Shannon M IsaBodyThis lifestyle continued for five years until October 2011, when Shannon’s life changed. “My partner Liz and I had our first child and I wanted to do something more to provide for our family. I became a qualified Personal Trainer (PT) and started working full-time in a gym,” explains Shannon. “Starting a family really helped me to realise what I wanted from life. Becoming a PT and supporting my clients to achieve their goals also helped me stay on track.”

Learning hard lessons

After a while, Shannon started to fall back into old habits. “In February 2014 I started to surround myself with friends who would party and I started to join them. This was my way to release the pressure of the long hours I worked but it started affecting my family commitments as well as my PT business,” he shares.

360px-Shannon-Marsters-LifestylePhotos8Gaining unwanted weight, Shannon started to feel unhealthy and didn’t like that his body was becoming affected by his lifestyle. “I would go into the gym and train my clients but I wasn’t able to give them 100% because I wasn’t living the lifestyle that I wanted them to live. I felt like I contradicted what I was trying to portray to my clients. This continued for a few months and it put so much stress on my relationship.”

Seeing that his hard work over the last few years was starting to unravel, Shannon sought out a solution to keep his life together. He was introduced to Isagenix by his sister-in-law in July 2014. He started with the Energy & Performance President’s Pak and registered his first IsaBody Challenge just ten days later.

Reaching for the stars

150x150px-Shan-and-LizShannon found that his life dramatically improved over his 16-week challenge. “My results were amazing! I had more energy, I released 4% body fat, my stress levels were balanced and my relationship was on the mend,” he says.

“Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge have both been a life-changing experience for me,” says Shannon, who is now living a lifestyle he is proud to share with his family and clients.

With his partner Liz, they have achieved 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive and continue to reach for the stars.

“Now my Sunday and Thursday mornings begin with 3 hours of food preparation, where I weigh and package all my meals. My Saturday nights are spent listening to webinars and watching IsaMovies. I now can spend quality time with my family without feeling tired and stressed and I am more confident than ever before. I surround myself with like-minded positive people and share my story with everyone.”

360px-Shannon-Marsters-LifestylePhotos7Shannon is halfway through his second IsaBody Challenge, giving him a framework for his health, personal and business-building goals. “I am now inspired and have the belief within myself to achieve my goal of competing in bodybuilding competitions. I thought my goals were out of reach but now they’re a dream come true!”

*The Weight Loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3.2kg during the 9-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.


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