She really didn’t mean for her Isagenix business to take off. In fact, she never meant to have it at all.

Today, Peta is a beacon of success for young entrepreneurs across the globe. As a featured trainer at this year’s Celebration—not to mention being a winner of the $500 Million Together We Will Challenge in Paris—this START Ambassador has certainly earned her Isagenix stripes.

Before Peta was a top international leader at Isagenix, this well-educated scientist felt “misaligned.”

Respecting Her Inner Voice

“Before Isagenix, I was working on my Ph.D. at the University of Western Australia, and just finished my degree before that,” shares Peta. “I loved my university and honor my time there, but knew there was something more that I could contribute.”

In 2011, six months before proposing her Ph.D., Peta made the jolting move to stop pursuing her studies. With Isagenix products in hand, she travelled with her friend Jo to Asia to gain clarity and perspective about her life-changing choice.

“We had the products because Jo’s mom was doing the Isagenix business,” describes Peta. “But it didn’t make any sense as a business to me back then because in Perth there was absolutely no young people doing it.”

She had a rich inner vision for the life she wanted, but didn’t know how to pursue it.

“I had this dream to retire my mum and pay off her mortgage and set her free,” describes Peta. “I had always wanted to do this. It was the universe telling me, ‘There’s something more! There’s something more! There’s something more!’”

A Happy Happenstance

During this transition period, Peta was taking training fitness classes along with dabbling in the Isagenix products.

“I was a stubborn scientist like everyone, but within two week of using the products—and not even using them properly—I just had incredible results in terms of no longer complaining about the little internal things I was complaining about before.”

Peta didn’t think the business was going to be a serious part of her life. Through fitness training, she was simply referring the products and unknowingly building her team.

“Isagenix called me in 2012 and told me I was going to Phoenix because I had won IsaDerby—I was so confused,” laughs Peta. “I didn’t even know where Phoenix was!”

Peta didn’t know what to expect. Did she even want to do this? She didn’t see network marketing as a fit for her lifestyle.

“When I went to Phoenix in August 2012, it all clicked,” shares Peta. “I thought, ‘This is why I deferred my Ph.D. This is how I’m going to retire my mom. I’m meant to bring this opportunity to the young people of Australia, and this product needs to come home with me and people need to hear about this!’”

With Peta’s razor-sharp vision in action, she’s now a 10-Star Crystal Platinum, 9-Star Crystal Executive. And best of all? She’s achieved the vision that was in her heart: Her mother is now retired and Peta is certainly living an amazing, inspiring life.

“Young people can choose how they feel and how they live,” says Peta. “It’s about freedom and abundance on the inside and outside. People just need permission to live the full, beautiful life they deserve to live.”

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