Bec Miles 

Age: 31
Hometown: Gisborne, NZ
Weight Loss: 8.8 kgs

As someone who has struggled with her weight since her teenage years, Bec’s relationship with food wasn’t always positive. “I had tried every fad diet out there and my weight was constantly yo-yoing,” she shares. “My health journey has been a whirlwind.”

Bec not only wanted to achieve her dream body, she also longed to follow through with a promise to herself to improve her health and wellness for good. “There’s been too many times in my life where I haven’t completed something I started,” she explains. “The IsaBody Challenge® allows accountability and support and I knew that’s what I needed to get through this and stop making excuses.”

Bec’s IsaBody Challenge was more than just weight loss for her, with the former competitive athlete working hard to not only transform her body but to also transform her mindset. “Most people will look at my transformation photos and be impressed but what they don’t see is what the IsaBody Challenge has done for me mentally and emotionally,” she explains. “I have never felt or looked this good and I’ve already registered for my next Challenge!”

Jack Bathurst

Age: 24
Hometown: Auckland, NZ
Weight Loss: 
 2 kgs

Working 19 hour days on his feet often without a break was the norm for Jack Bathurst. As a chef in the hospitality field for eight years in Australia, the pressure was mounting. “Heat, intensity, stressful conditions and fierce competition was the norm,” he recalls. “Being the type of person who gives 100% in everything I do, I focused on becoming the best chef I could be. It wasn’t long before everything else in my life was pushed aside, including my health.”

Determined to take control of his health again, Jack registered for his first IsaBody Challenge as a way to keep himself accountable during the 16 weeks. “I made an agreement to myself to stay true to my goals and not let anything sway me,” he says. “That resulted in many meals and gym sessions well past midnight but I knew I had to stay true to myself.”

Overcoming mental and physical boundaries, Jack completed his first IsaBody Challenge and is feeling better than ever. “Completing the Challenge was an amazing experience,” he shares. “I’ve worked hard to get to a place where I feel truly happy with the person I am and I couldn’t have done it without the support of the IsaBody Challenge.”

Shona Haby 

Age: 33
Hometown: South Australia, AU
Weight Loss: 
11.9 kgs

As a nurse, Shona witnessed firsthand the effects of what it means to make poor lifestyle choices. But working long hours and being a wife and mother of two meant that Shona succumbed to a life of poor dietary habits as a way to help her cope with her day-to-day responsibilities. “I was regularly grabbing unhealthy foods and beverages throughout the day to keep my energy levels up,” she says. “The issue was though, I was feeling more lethargic and stressed as time went on.”

Unhappy with the reflection looking back at her in the mirror, Shona made a choice to change her future after being introduced to Isagenix®. Two weeks into her 30-Day System, she was seeing and feeling changes but lacked a clear goal. “I knew I wanted to be healthier and change my body and energy levels,” she explains. “I registered for the IsaBody Challenge as a way to keep myself accountable and track my progress.”

Incorporating exercise into her life has been a game-change for Shona, who is now fitter, happier and more determined than ever. “I now have the energy to play with my children, “she shares. “The IsaBody Challenge has given me the framework I needed to challenge myself and achieve goals.”

Jeff Clarke

Age: 58
Hometown: Queensland, AU
Weight Loss: 2.6 kgs

As a retired athlete, health and fitness was always a priority for Jeff. A professional rugby league player in the UK throughout his 20s, Jeff prided himself on maintaining his strength and healthy lifestyle. As he got older, although he was still strong and healthy, Jeff noticed a change in his energy levels. “My wife, Isobel, began using the Isagenix products in December 2016 and I saw a huge shift in her energy levels,” he shares. “I wanted what she had!”

Although sceptical of Isagenix, Jeff’s demanding job and long hours meant he was eager to try something new to help bring back the spring in his step. “I registered for the IsaBody Challenge and got straight into my 30-Day System,” he says. “My goal was better energy and healthy ageing. Using the products combined with hard training, my body slowly began to change shape and I was seeing results I hadn’t seen since my professional sporting days!”

Earlier this year, Jeff was involved in a workplace accident, resulting in the loss of his right thumb and ring finger. Taking time off to rest and recover was difficult for Jeff but it wasn’t long before he was back in the gym working on his goals. “I had to learn how to hold weights without a thumb which has been challenging but I haven’t let it stop me,” he declares. “It’s a daily challenge and I am so grateful for the IsaBody Challenge community that pushes me to keep going every day!”