As a competitive athlete, personal trainer and mum to three girls, it’s no surprise Team Isagenix Athlete, Janelle Ware, often felt a little rundown. Along with her lethargy came a sense of unfulfillment in her profession as a personal trainer and gym owner, as she felt limited in the amount of people she was able to truly help.

Excelling in sport throughout her school years, Janelle’s love for fitness and sport began to grow. “My passion for the fitness industry as a whole began when I was 15 after completing my Certificate III in Fitness and teaching group exercise classes,” she shares. “I wanted to become a source of inspiration by learning more and helping others become fitter and healthier.”

Following her dream of educating others on how to be healthy, Janelle completed a teaching degree in PDHPE. “It was when I was teaching that I decided to take my passion one step further,” she says. “I started my PT business and took up the sport of triathlon with the goal of representing Australia.”

In 2012, Janelle’s vision came to light. “I became the Australian Age Group Champion for the Olympic Distance and competed in the world titles,” she shares proudly. “After this, I went on to compete in longer distance races and the half Ironman.”

Pushing her limits to the extreme was natural for Janelle and it wasn’t long before her goals began to grow. “I was toying with the idea of trying my hand at competitive bodybuilding,” she shares. “I wasn’t sure it was achievable as I felt like I was always running on only half a tank and didn’t think I had the energy in me to take up another challenge.”

As someone who already ate healthily and included supplements into her diet, Janelle wasn’t sure why she was struggling with her energy levels. “I came across Isagenix® through Isagenix Millionaire*, 14 Star Platinum, 15 Star Crystal Executive, Jen Patch on Facebook in 2013,” she explains. “I was ready to try something new and based off what Jen was saying, I thought the Isagenix products had the potential to improve my energy and help me gain more lean muscle.”

Within the first 30 days of using the Isagenix System, Janelle felt the difference and others saw it, too. “I leaned out and felt great,” she says. “There was a definite spring in my step and clients, friends and family wanted to know what I was using.”

After including the AMPED™ range into her training, Janelle worked hard to prepare her body for bodybuilding figure competitions. “I managed to build 6.5 kgs of muscle which isn’t an easy feat for a woman over 40,” she shares. “The AMPED range was a real game-changer for me as it helped lessen my recovery time, allowing me to train harder and longer.”

Going on to compete, Janelle was invited to the World Natural Titles due to her success achieved in her previous figure competitions, however, she wasn’t able to compete due to a serious setback with her health. “I was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin Lymphona in August last year,” she says. “I started treatment and now, a year later, I’m thankfully in clinical remission. I’m back to helping people reach their health goals and representing Team Isagenix.”

Now that Janelle’s treatment is over, the 2 Star Golden Circle, Executive’s first priority is to regain her strength and fitness. “I’m aiming to qualify for the World Triathlon Titles in 2018,” she says. “I’m also looking to do another fitness competition and really utilise my platform as a Team Isagenix Athlete to show women that you can come back from illness, stronger and better than ever.”

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