720x720px-Before-After-Sarah-EAs if completing one IsaBody Challenge® wasn’t enough, Consultant Sarah E. has just entered her third challenge under the Reload category for Weight Loss! Here, Sarah shares her experiences and achievements from her IsaBody journey.

Time for a challenge

“Before Isagenix, life really sucked,” says Sarah. “From about 16 years of age, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t ‘dieting’. I tried everything under the sun but nothing worked. I was shattered, broken and I had pretty much accepted that this was going to be me forever.”

Just over two years ago, Sarah weighed herself at 163kg decided she wanted to make a change. “I went to the gym day in and day out, lived on broccoli, chicken and sweet potato for 18 months and I managed to drop about 40kg over 18 months,” says Sarah. “I got results, but I had no energy and my morale was low.”

360px-Sarah-E-Lifestyle-2Then Isagenix came into Sarah’s life. “I went to a Super Saturday for an opportunity meeting and it was right then and there I knew had to do this,” says Sarah, who was encouraged by Jen Jefferies, 6 Star Golden Circle, 6 Star Crystal Executive, to enter the IsaBody Challenge.

“Being a competitive person, it didn’t take me too long to get full into the swing of things; this challenge has been the vehicle for me to really push myself extra hard,” says Sarah. “Mentally, emotionally and physically I was all in! I gained so much confidence in who I was becoming and my smile came back.”

“This company is the most amazing gift to have entered my life. I look forward to a shake every single morning knowing my body is getting the nutrition it needs and the cleanse days are super gentle on the body,” says Sarah. “The time freedom I gained from less hours spent on food preparation was invaluable. Most importantly, my Isa Family helped me through – I’ve never had such support with anything my whole life.”

The biggest reason why the IsaBody Challenge has been so important to Sarah is to show other men and women of any age that their goals can be achieved. “I want to give faith to those who have none. This is what keeps me going!”

Ready for Round Two

Facing her second challenge, Sarah was realistic about her goals and found success in small changes. “From finishing the first challenge and beginning the second one I knew it was going to be harder to maintain the constant weight-loss. This challenge wasn’t about that. I knew that I had constantly lost weight for a number of months leading up to this one and I knew a plateau would be on the horizon.”

360px-Sarah-E-LifestyleSarah gained 10kgs of muscle over her second 16-week challenge, showing the strength that she has gained along her journey. “At first I was upset at the scales but knew my efforts every single day were worth it,” says Sarah. “I learnt to embrace the small changes: I lost a dress size and by increasing my fitness levels and muscle percentage, I have more energy and feel better within myself!”

Sarah also embraced social media, which helped to keep both her and her followers accountable. “On this journey, I have gained a tribe of followers, supporters and cheerleaders all backing me to achieve my goals. Having that is like nothing I have ever experienced before.”

To her next challenge and beyond!

Ending her second challenge at 110kg, Sarah says, “Bring on challenge number three! This is the lifestyle that I want to live and breathe. It’s all up to the choices I make, turning ‘I can’t’ into ‘I CAN’! It’s my life now. Every time I go to the gym I know it’s one step closer to reaching my ultimate goal and one step further away from when I was too scared to even try. Failing is not an option, success is believable!”

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3.2kg during the 9-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.