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The fitness industry is competitive. Personal trainers are consistently contending with others for clients on a daily basis. But, it’s that hit-or-miss income that the trainers often rely upon to survive. No one knows this better than Heather. The Perth-based trainer and single mother of two was once juggling two jobs, dreading the day her car might break down, or fearing when a new bill would appear in her letterbox. “When I first started with Isagenix in 2007, it was a natural progression as my clients were telling others about the benefits using the products,”  Heather explains. “The extra income was appreciated because the personal training income is unpredictable from one week to the next.”

Today with Isagenix, Heather is part of a supportive and nurturing team, enjoying time freedom and providing a stable future for her children. “The company changed my life from a personal view,” she affirms. “You are in a safe environment where you can overcome your fears and grow into the best possible you.”


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Heather describes herself as a happy and positive person, but admits to tending towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Not wanting to continue along that path, especially with her children, so she took a well-researched leap of faith. “Isagenix provided me with peace of mind and security — to wake up every morning calm and without financial stress. It is the most amazing thing,” she beams. “It’s a better way than the 9-to-5 and allows for a healthy body and healthy bank account!” But she admits that letting go of the typical path wasn’t a simple feat. “It was pretty scary to let go of the only way I had ever known how to make money just so I could concentrate on Isagenix.”

After tossing the traditional notion of the day-to-day grind, Heather’s Isagenix business didn’t blossom overnight. She embraced and learned from mistakes along her journey, and soon began to gain momentum. “My best advice for those starting is to use the official Isagenix tools and not to reinvent the wheel,” Heather suggests. “Follow the system as closely as you can and don’t compare yourself to others — just be yourself.”

Now, Heather has not only nurtured a thriving close-knit team, she also works with some of her best friends. “I am forever grateful for the friends I have made since joining Isagenix,” she says. “I wouldn’t have the success that I have today if it weren’t for their efforts. I want to help as many of my team members experience the unbelievable feeling of financial and time freedom so they can see their families’ faces light up as I’ve seen with mine.”

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