As an established Rugby player with a number of accolades under his belt, Team Isagenix® Athlete and Consultant Zak Guild, thought he was doing everything possible to optimise his energy, performance and general wellbeing. After receiving an array of debilitating injuries through his sport, Zak was forced to quit and soon turned his attention to body building. Making the decision to compete in his new sport while juggling a full-time job, Zak found that no matter what he did, he was constantly run-down, sleeping poorly, lacking energy and unable to maintain his results long-term.

Beginning competitive body building in 2014, Zak has earned a number of titles throughout the body building circuit and has represented Australia on the international stage, most recently competing at the Arnold Classic, one of the biggest body building competitions in the world.

From the outside, it seemed as though Zak was in peak physical health but his lack of energy told a different story. “I was introduced to Isagenix through my partner, 2 Star Sliver Circle, Manager, Emma Mondello, a fellow Team Isagenix Athlete and pro bikini model,” says Zak. “I was impressed by her energy and how she easily kept in shape all year round while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. I wanted to know how she was doing it.”

With a naturally slim build that struggled to gain muscle, Zak was sceptical of the Isagenix system. “I thought I’d lose muscle by doing Shake and Cleanse Days,” laughs Zak. “I started using Ionix® Supreme as a compromise and I noticed a great improvement in my energy levels and sleeping pattern.”

Intrigued by the results he’d received using Ionix, Zak began to do more research of the Isagenix systems and learned how to utilise different products to help reach his goals. “I started using the 30-Day Performance System specifically to grow muscle and increase strength,” shares Zak. “My training improved noticeably, I started hitting personal bests in the gym for the first time in years and was able to build quality lean muscle much easier than before.”

Not only was Zak able to increase his performance at the gym, he was also able to kick his coffee addiction and maintain his physique while travelling regularly for work, something he often struggled with. “Normally when I travel I struggle to maintain my muscle mass as it’s harder to get to the gym and eat regularly,” says Zak. “By bringing the Isagenix products along with me, I was able to get the nutrition I needed right in my hotel room.”

“Isagenix allows me to continue competing in my sport while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Isagenix is the missing link and can make a world of difference for athletes and every day gym-goers. Being a Team Isagenix Athlete allows me to share my passion for both my sport and these amazing products with the world.”