With a strong passion for health and fitness gained at a young age, Asha Burnley had always dreamed of inspiring others. Asha’s athletic career began at the age of 14, when she was offered a scholarship to be part of the Queensland Junior Elite Triathlon Squad. A short three years later, Asha had earned the title of Australian Triathlon Champion, encouraging the young athlete to further pursue a life of health and fitness in her adult life.

With a personal training qualification earned in 2006, her own recipe book published in 2013 and the owner and operator of a boutique training studio on the Gold Coast for the past six years, Asha has always lived out her dreams. The only thing missing from the entrepreneur’s life was balance. “In order to maintain my healthy lifestyle I had to spend every weekend grocery shopping and organising my meals for the coming week,” shares Asha. “I’d be so exhausted from the early starts and late finishes at my studio that I just wanted sleep and recover which meant I had no social life. I found myself hungry all the time no matter what or how much I ate and I was perpetually exhausted.”

In an attempt to gain some balance back into her busy life, Asha would often opt to spend her weekends with friends and family in lieu of grocery shopping and meal preparation. “When I did choose to be social, I didn’t have time to organise meals,” says Asha. “I’d end up eating out every day for the rest of the week which was a huge strain on my finances and health. It was hard choosing between organising healthy meals or spending time with my loved ones.”

As a former two-time Australian Triathlon Champion and with so many years in the health and fitness field, Asha couldn’t figure out why she was lacking stamina and constantly feeling hungry. “I soon realised I wasn’t fuelling my body with the right amount of nutrients,” shares Asha. “I’d been introduced to the Isagenix® system previously as a more convenient way to fill my nutrition gaps but due to my lack of understanding and research I said ‘no’ for two years.”

It wasn’t long until Asha, now 1 Star Silver Circle, Director, noticed more and more of her friends using the products and receiving incredible results. “I became curious, their results were too good to be true,” says Asha. “I asked a lot of questions, listened to podcasts and went to Celebration to learn more.  After all that, I was convinced and decided to give the products a try.”

Starting on the President’s Pak, Asha was stunned by her results. “To my surprise, I released some excess weight and my energy increased,” shares Asha. “Even better, I saved money, gained time and started connecting with my loved ones more. I was no longer hungry all the time and had gained some consistency and stability in my nutrition.”

“Joining Team Isagenix means I have a strong support network of like-minded athletes and I’m always pushing myself to be better. I’ve learnt that in order to inspire, you must be willing to alter your thinking and step outside of your comfort zone. I love showing people how to become the best version of themselves and I’m so grateful to Isagenix for being such a strong vehicle for change.”