Before Isagenix®, Consultant Emma-Jane B. was struggling with her self-confidence and self-image. Close friends introduced the mum of two to Isagenix and Emma-Jane began a life-changing physical and emotional transformation using the IsaBody Challenge® as a framework and support system for achieving her goals.

360px-Emma-Jane-Browne-Lifestyle-1“I started Isagenix because I saw an exciting opportunity to use a product that could help me get healthy, reward me financially and show me how to learn to love and respect myself again,” Emma-Jane says.

“I felt insecure within myself and in my marriage. Due to my weight I was angry towards loved ones and I had no desire to get out of bed each morning. I had closed myself off from the world by not going anywhere. I had no interest in meeting new people, I felt people disliked me because of my appearance,” shares Emma-Jane.

“I entered the IsaBody Challenge because I wanted to feel like I was a part of something. I craved acceptance and I needed to stop feeling like a constant failure. I felt my weight held me back from doing anything fun in a group or team environment.”

Emma-Jane released 10kg with the 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program, reaching her first goal to bring her weight under 100kg. “Isagenix helped me reach my goals physically and emotionally by giving me the tools to stay committed. I listened, read and watched information in the Back Office. I followed groups on Facebook and opened my own page about my journey. I tracked my weight loss and stuck to the system.”

360px-Emma-Jane-B-2Reaching her first goal was a pivotal moment for Emma-Jane. “I felt like superwoman! I had never reached a goal that I had set and I was ecstatic,” she says. Her second goal was to bring her weight under 90kg within the next 60 days. “I just missed out, but I didn’t quit. The new Emma-Jane was more determined and focused to achieve it in the next 30 days. I never second-guessed myself and reached it on day 84.”

Throughout her 16-week Challenge, Emma-Jane stayed determined and focused by eating proper snacks and meals. With her new-found confidence she joined the local gym, started meeting new people and reached out to old school friends.

360px-Emma-Jane-B-1“I don’t hate myself anymore and I don’t need people to like me, like I once needed so badly,” she says. “I released 20.5kg at the end of my challenge, I dropped 3 dress sizes and over the months I threw away my ‘fat’ clothes and found myself eager to be in front of the camera instead of behind it.”

“I hoped Isagenix would change me and be the answer – and it has been. I know how much it has improved my life and by continuing to share my story and results, I can reach out and help people become the best versions of their selves they can be.”

Emma has commenced her second IsaBody Challenge in the Weight Loss category and will be eligible for the new Reload category.

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*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3.2kg during the 9-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.