Prime Time member, Judy Saxby thought she was living her healthiest life. Working part-time at a gym after making an impulsive decision to quit her full-time position as a teacher, Judy and her husband, always prioritised their health, even growing their own organic vegetables.

Finding it hard to make ends meet after Judy’s resignation, Judy’s husband was working two jobs to keep them afloat. His absence and their financial strain was causing a shift in the family dynamic as well as added stress. Judy knew they needed a solution but she just didn’t know what to do.

Working part-time at a gym meant Judy was introduced to a wide range of supplements but none inspired her interest. “The owner of the gym I worked at introduced me to Isagenix® in 2008,” recalls Judy. “I thought it was another craze that was going around and didn’t take it seriously. The thought of shakes was very unappealing especially since I already considered myself to be very healthy.”

Reflecting on this period in her life, Judy admits to feeling at a point of no return as a result of her age. “A lot of older people resign themselves to a life of being ‘frumpy’ and ‘dowdy’ once they reach a certain age,” shares Judy. “I’d given up on myself by this point. I was simply going through the motions.”

Though sceptical of Isagenix, Judy decided to give the products a try after witnessing others experience not only an improvement in their health but also their finances. “I was feeling guilty and stressed that my husband was working two jobs and I thought this could be the solution to our problems,” says Judy. “It wasn’t long before our lives began to change for the better after discovering our true potential through Isagenix.”

Expanding on her passion for health and fitness, Isagenix provided Judy a vehicle to help others and her Isagenix business began to grow. “After eight years using the Isagenix system I’ve realised how vibrant my body and mind can be, even now in my 60s,” shares Judy. Using these products and feeling and seeing my body change has given me a feeling I can’t describe. Now, I get to share this gift with others and watch them light up when they see results.”

With Judy’s dedication to building her Isagenix business and earning time-flexibility, she and her husband have been able to live out their dream of moving to Tasmania. “I was afraid of the term ‘network marketing’ before but now it has proven to be everything I wanted and needed from life,” says Judy. Working from home has given us freedom of choice and allows us to build and support our team no matter where we are located. There are no boundaries to building relationships and helping each other.”

An advocate for the Prime Time community, now 5 Star Golden Circle, Executive, Judy is utilising the group to encourage inspiration and unity. “It’s easy to compare yourself to the younger ones and believe you don’t have what it takes to be successful in this business,” shares Judy. “The Prime Time community reminds us that Primers have acquired a wealth of personal and professional development as well as wisdom and maturity. Team effort is everything and having the Prime Time space means we can play at our full potential and work together with the younger generations to inspire change in people from all different walks of life.”

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