Anyone who has rank advanced in their Isagenix® business will tell you how great the feeling is! Just ask Kristy Allen, who recently achieved 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive. Kristy shares what the achievement means to her and how she plans to keep her momentum going to achieve her next goal of reaching financial freedom.


“For me, achieving 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive felt like it was a long time coming, so it was a feeling of relief as well as excitement,” Kristy says.

“I was amazed at how quickly my attitude turned from ‘Yay!’ to ‘Now the work really begins’ as I continue to work towards my ultimate goal of financial freedom. The delight of reaching this milestone will keep me motivated – it doesn’t feel like my goal is so far away anymore!”

Kristy has followed in the footsteps of successful leaders by duplicating everything from tools to a positive attitude.

“The key to success in my business is that I made a decision to make it happen. It sounds too simple to be good advice! I heard leaders say this when I first joined but I never really got it. Once I finally did, deciding to commit meant that I stayed focused on my goal,” shares Kristy. “It came with a bit of stress, a few angsty moments and lots of highs and lows but I never took my eye off the ball. I kept believing it would happen and it did!”

For anyone needing some perspective on making the decision to commit to their goals, Kristy says, “You can decide now or you can decide in 12 months. The choice is yours. Once you really make the decision to go for it, to take all the challenges in your stride and keep moving forward, you’ll get there!”

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